Wednesday Café Hours:
5:00 - 6:00 PM - Coffee & Fellowship
(Women Only College Age and Up)
A time for all women on campus to drop into the Café
for coffee and fellowship before going to classes or positions of service.

• A place to rest in the love of each other and in the love of Jesus.
• A place to kick-off your shoes and find rest in the Lord after a busy day.
• A place to enjoy a warm beverage and get to know the women of our church.
• A place to seek prayer for life’s joys and hardships.
• A perfect place to invite a friend, colleague or family member to join you on Wednesday      evenings

6:00 - 7:30 PM – Discipleship Events (Women Only College Age and Up)

Each week brings something new and exciting as we explore the “pillars” on which the Women’s Ministry stands upon. The structure of the Café is designed to provide discipleship events for women without any advance preparation or homework afterwards. Just come as you are and make yourself comfortable as we study God’s Word, serve the Lord in our church and in our community, spend time in prayer, and build strong and lasting friendships with our Sisters in Christ.

"Receive Grace, Live Grace, Show Grace, Repeat!"
Karen Woodall, Bible Study Teacher


Many individuals in scripture are described as having a strong relationship with God, yet they also surrounded themselves with others who could encourage, challenge and support their spiritual journeys. Today, a life of grace demands that we follow this same pattern... that is, Receive Grace, Live Grace, Show Grace, Repeat! Once a month as a part of the Uniquely Women’s Café, we’ll dive into a study of grace as it relates to our relationships with others. Together we’ll learn practical ways to boldly invest ourselves in those around us, lean on them when we’re weak, work toward conflict resolution, restoration and forgiveness, and in the process, sharpen skills necessary to build godly friendships that will last a lifetime.