Spiritual Marker 5
Ninth Grade

Overview: The hallways are noisy and chaotic. The class schedule is grueling. Ninth grade is the year every grade suddenly counts, the year of the permanent record. Despite the challenges, most kids and their parents manage to make the transition from middle to high school with just a few hiccups.It’s a transition that prepares children well for the leap from high school to college and even from college to work life. But how can we help prepare them spiritualy for the challenges they will face as highschoolers? How can you as a parent find a place of influence in the lives of your student? This marker will provide you the tools to not only influence your students lives but also encourage them to confide in you as a parent.

For more information regarding this spiritual marker, contact Billy Buchanan, Student Minister at 770-483-8700, ext. 123 or bbuchanan@firstconyers.com.

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