Spiritual Marker 3

Making The Leap To Adolescence

Fifth - Sixth Grade

Overview: Adolescence is a very pivotal age in the life of a child.  Therefore, we want to do everything we, as a church, can to partner with parents in making this transition from childhood to adulthood (known as the period of adolescence) as successful as possible from a spiritual standpoint.  Moving toward adolescence should be a time in a family's life where it is taught and modeled what it means to make Jesus Lord of one's life.  This is an opportunity for your child to understand what it means to let Jesus be a part of every area of his/her life, not just portions of it, and to truly make his faith his own.

Celebration Event: Family Road Trip/ Fourth Grade Retreat

Elements of Spiritual Marker: Loving God, loving others, making wise choices, taking care of our bodies,

spending time with God, showing grace in how we treat people.

For more information regarding this spiritual marker, contact Alan Isted, Children’s Minister @ 770-483-8700, ext. 169 or aisted@firstconyers.com.

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